Friday, February 25, 2011

Encouragement Card II

Another encouragement card I made recently.  I used Spellbinders Nestabilities Standard Circles Small, and for the punched piece at the bottom, a Martha Stewart border punch.  The verse is by Stampin' Up!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Encouragement Card

Here is another card I made recently.  I'm not sure where I put my list of supplies, but I know the large decorative element set en pointe in the center is Spellbinders Fleur De Lis Pendant.   The circle in the center was cut with Spellbinders Standard Circles Small, and I believe the Scripture verse is by Uptown Rubber Stamps, which appears to be no longer in business.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Days, a New Computer, and a Card to Share

My dear hubby started physical therapy at the beginning of the month.  He has been dealing with chronic sciatica since summer; he had an MRI in August, and although the results indicated no damage from his Myeloma, (which is known to eat holes in the bones), they did show some disk problems, and slight impingement of the sciatic nerve, and depending on which of Phil's doctors we spoke to, generated different opinions as to the severity of the problem.  Ultimately, we heeded the advice of Phil's oncologist and saw a spinal surgeon in January, and of all her recommendations, pursuing physical therapy seemed the best option since it wasn't invasive or likely to add to his fatigue.  So between February 4 and 18, we have had five appointments, the first of which was in the middle of a bad snowstorm!  Phil has made remarkable progress according to his therapist is now down to once-a-week visits, and his pain level is significantly reduced.  There are no promises of being pain free, and he will have good days and bad, but to be able to walk for longer than a couple minutes without tremendous pain is a huge improvement.

Then on February 7th, my daughter, Sarah, started a full time nanny job, so I have been trying to help with some of the household errands she normally does.  Because of my own physical problems - fibromyalgia and a badly arthritic knee - and accompanying Phil to his appointments, this has been very tiring for me.  It's definitely a period of adjustment for all of us.

In my last entry of January 31, I said that my computer was continuing to act up, and we decided that the most likely problem was either an imminent hard drive failure, or something with the motherboard.  Because of the cost involved in fixing either of those,  I started researching new laptops and scouring the sale ads each week, hoping to find one that was highly rated but still affordable.  I did - and both Phil and I are the new owners of Toshiba Satellite laptops from Best Buy.  Well, sort of.  We took advantage of their free 18-month financing, since we didn't have the cash on hand, but knew we could pay them off in the allotted time.  This new machine is incredibly fast, and although I don't  like Windows 7, I am learning to live with it.

I have a card to share with you, although I didn't make it.  Anthony has discovered the joy of card making, and we are thrilled that he is using our many tools and putting his own spin on cards.  He made this lovely card for his mom, and it's the first one he created.  I whited out the verse he wrote when I edited the pictures since it was personal.  Didn't he do a great job?