Saturday, July 31, 2010


In my last post, I mentioned that I made drapes for Anthony & Grace's apartment.  I was able to get some pictures of them tonight. 

This was my first time  making drapes.  I used blackout lining, which I quickly discovered is VERY heavy, and made the drapes difficult to maneuver.  They are about 81" long, and approximately 44.5 inches wide.  Since they attack to the curtain rod with clips, I did not sew a rod pocket, although there is just enough room in the top hem to do a narrow one in the future if needed.  The fabric is "Pen Pal" from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
I couldn't resist including the monkey in the last picture.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that Grace loves monkeys and has them all over the apartment, in her car, and in their study.  Secretly, I love looking for new and unusual monkey items to give her!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Truly, I am!  Our van died, and we had to find a new vehicle in a hurry.  This week, we've had doctor's appointments.  Oh, and last Saturday, I made one of two curtain panels for Grace and Anthony's apartment.  (That's another post, though.)  So unfortunately, all I have to share with you are some pictures of Callie doing what I want to spend more time doing!
Blogger seems to be having some issues tonight.  At least I hope that's what the problem is.  Let me know if my background is loading for you, please?  Thanks!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is unfortunate that when a developer begins work on a new subdivision, the first step is to raze all the trees.  I suppose it makes the job of installing sewer, water, electric, phone, etc. lines, not to mention creating roads, and bringing in construction materials easier, but once the houses are completed, residents are left without mature trees to shade their homes, and are forced to settle for sun-loving plants.  When we built our home almost six years ago, we paid extra for a lot that backed up to a wooded (or should I say, weedy?) area, and after clearing out some of the mess and planting more grass, we now have two shade trees in the back part of our yard.  Around one of them, we have planted hostas.  These grew from larger plants which were divided, and the larger ones are now in need of dividing again.  The two smaller plants were in pots for the longest time, but now that they are in the ground, I expect them to flourish as well.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Floral Beauty

Our neighbor has some lovely flowers.  I snapped these pictures the other day.  You can see that the insects are eating the blooms, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


At Christmastime, I won some lovely coasters in one of Heidi's giveaways.  So when Sarah needed a wedding gift that wasn't going to cost much, I immediately thought of the coasters, and contacted Heidi for the instructions.   Sarah's coasters were lovely, and I was inspired to make some of my own.  I did mine with triangles instead of squares, which was more challenging.  On two of the coasters, I had trouble with the triangles in the corners, but since they are just coasters, and just for us, I'm not going to fuss.