Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Truly, I am!  Our van died, and we had to find a new vehicle in a hurry.  This week, we've had doctor's appointments.  Oh, and last Saturday, I made one of two curtain panels for Grace and Anthony's apartment.  (That's another post, though.)  So unfortunately, all I have to share with you are some pictures of Callie doing what I want to spend more time doing!
Blogger seems to be having some issues tonight.  At least I hope that's what the problem is.  Let me know if my background is loading for you, please?  Thanks!

1 comment:

annelize said...

Hi Ginny

I'm not sure what your background is supposed to look like so I'll tell you what I see.
The words and pictures in the middle of the screen are in a brown panel. The sides, top and bottom are a peachy colour. Nothing is moving or flashing at me!
It's a pretty colour scheme. It co-ordinates nicely with the cat's fur!!!