Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is unfortunate that when a developer begins work on a new subdivision, the first step is to raze all the trees.  I suppose it makes the job of installing sewer, water, electric, phone, etc. lines, not to mention creating roads, and bringing in construction materials easier, but once the houses are completed, residents are left without mature trees to shade their homes, and are forced to settle for sun-loving plants.  When we built our home almost six years ago, we paid extra for a lot that backed up to a wooded (or should I say, weedy?) area, and after clearing out some of the mess and planting more grass, we now have two shade trees in the back part of our yard.  Around one of them, we have planted hostas.  These grew from larger plants which were divided, and the larger ones are now in need of dividing again.  The two smaller plants were in pots for the longest time, but now that they are in the ground, I expect them to flourish as well.

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