Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wedding Preparations

Tonight I am excited because I found a dress for Grace's wedding!  Sarah and I went to nearby Eastview Mall, just to look at what was available, and I bought the first dress I tried on!!  I suppose, though, that I should back track.  My plan from the beginning was to make a dress.  Not only did I not like the mother-of-the-bride dresses I saw, but I didn't think I could afford one, even if I did find something that wowed me.  I looked at many patterns, and chose one that I thought would work with a shawl pattern I purchased.  I even found a similar dress online.  So I made a muslin, and finally tried it on last night.  It fit, sort of.  The princess seams weren't quite right in the front, and the upper armscye was too tight (which I still cannot figure out).  We decided that we'd see if I could find anything at the mall and, if not, I'd think further about making a dress.  Fast forward to tonight at J. C. Penney.  The dress is similar to the one here, but the jacket is shorter and a bit more feminine, and has a contrast band around it, as well as around the dress neckline.  The color looks identical.  The best part?  It cost me $41.17.  It was on sale, and I had a coupon which entitled me to an additional discount.  Oh, and it needs no alteration.  Not even hemming, which is amazing, given my short (5' 2") stature.

Also happening this week:  I put together 30 invitations.  What a time-consuming job, but they look great.  We also ordered all but four beads for the jewelry we're making for the bridesmaids; the four we didn't order are on backorder.  Sarah and I are going to learn some new beading techniques, which is always exciting.

Next up?  Working on the ring attendant's pillow, drafting a pattern for my purse, more invitations, more flowers. 

Oh, and I keep putting stitches in the sampler.  More on that next time.

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