Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunflower Pincushion

We're on vacation - more on that in a later post - but before we left, I finish-finished a project from The Sampler Girl's Summer 2010 booklet.  I don't have the booklet with me, but as I recall, it's called Sunflower Pincushion.  I chose to finish it to hang on a door or wall hook.  I searched all my ribbon for a suitable color, but couldn't find anything until I remembered this rustic twine.  I ended up cutting it a bit short, but I'm not taking it apart now.

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Heidi said...

Hi Ginny! Guess what? Your profile worked! Hope you are having a fabulous vacation and a chance to rest up for day to day life again. Your finish just before you left is wonderful! How summer is that hanging on your door?

Hugs from Holland ~