Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valentine Pillows

Since I made a Valentine's Day gift for Phil, I thought I should do something for Grace & Anthony, and also for Sarah.  I had originally planned to make wall hangings, but decided pillows would be easier. 

I found this cute machine embroidery design called Monkeys in Valentine Pajamas, and since Grace loves monkeys, and Anthony supports her obsession, I decided it was perfect for them.  Next time I'll try to find something film related for Anthony. 

This is the backing fabric I used.

 On this pillow for Sarah, I used this wonderful heirloom heart I found on my hard drive, and used cotton heirloom lace and entredeux to join everything together.  I ended up sewing the lace around the outside by hand because I forgot to sandwich it between the front and back pieces before stitching them together.  The last picture is the backing fabric I chose. 

For both these projects I used materials from my stash, so other than the $1.07 for the sale-priced monkey design, there was no outlay of cash.  I love projects like that!

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