Friday, September 7, 2012

Singing the Blues

It was not my intention to be silent for so long.  We have been struggling to keep my husband's cancer under control, trying to figure out what his next treatment should be, researching, talking, praying, seeing doctors.  It has been difficult to do much else.

But once again, I have a pile of pictures to blog about, so while I can, I will try to blog about them.  First up is another UFO.   I think I unstitched the border on this one at least four times before I finally got it right!

Singing the Blues
Little House Needleworks

Oh, no!  I just realized that I missed stitching a red heart to the right of the bird's belly!  I guess I was so excited to have finally stitched the border correctly that I completely missed it on the chart.  No wonder the cat kept pawing at the bag the piece was in, she knew something was missing.

I stitched this on (what else) 28 count evenweave.  I think the color is Khaki.  I used the suggested Crescent Colors.  As for finish-finishing, I think I will look through my collection of boxes and see if I have one this will fit on.

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marly said...

So sorry to hear about the health issues. My SIL dealt with MM for over 25 years and did well on maintenance. I wish this for your hubby too.