Monday, March 11, 2013

2007 Pinecone Ornament

Long time, no blog.  This winter seems like it has lasted forever.  I think everyone is tired of cold, a little bit of snow, and the never-ending grey that dots our landscape.  But the tulips, hyacinths, and crocuses are pushing their heads up in our gardens, and we have heard the Canada geese flying overhead, so we know spring is on the way.  It's just a matter of time.

I finally went through the pictures on my computer, most of which were from Christmas.  I have some ornaments to share.  Not all were stitched last year; some simply languished in my finishing pile - and have now been replaced by others!

The first and only picture of this ornament I showed was way back here.  It is called 2007 Pinecone Ornament by Melissa Dunajski, and it is in the December 2007 issue (#23) of The Gift of Stitching magazine. 

I will be back shortly with more ornaments.

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