Friday, May 1, 2015

Too Quiet

I do apologize for being so quiet the past six weeks.  My last scheduled post went up the week after our dog died unexpectedly following surgery.  A week later, we adopted a third cat!  That was unplanned; we'd had to go to Fairport, a village about half an hour from our home (yes, we call some of the towns around here villages), and thought we might go by the local humane society, but they had only older cats on the website, and we wanted one a bit younger.  On our way home, we stopped by the pet store to pick up some things, and as we always do, stopped to look at the cats.  (Two of the local shelters have cats at the store.)  One kitty stole our hearts!  When I picked her up, she nuzzled my nose and gave me a hug!!  We weren't able to take her that night, so they held her for 24 hours, and we brought her home the next day.

Three year old Katie, as we've named her, is so sweet, but a bit crazy at times.  She's still suffering the after effects of having an upper respiratory infection that she picked up at the shelter; she was on multiple courses of antibiotics, and our vet thinks it's going to take a while for her immune system to get back to normal, so meanwhile, we wipe her nose and clean up the walls and floors after she sneezes.

We are happy to say our three cats are co-existing rather peacefully, although there's always room for improvement.  Happily, Katie is very laid back and doesn't mind if she gets chased or hissed at.  (Lately, she's doing her share of the chasing!)

I've also been dealing with what my doctor says are severe allergies.  This has been going on since mid-February.  My coughing was getting worse and worse, so I finally went to the doctor, who put me on Zyrtec and a strong cough syrup.  A second refill of the cough syrup wasn't working, so this week I've been on Prednisone as a last resort.  Unfortunately, Pred and I do not get along, and I've been just miserable.  Two more days, and I hope to feel better, even it's just from being off the Pred.

Despite feeling poorly, I managed to write and schedule a few blog posts tonight.  I do hope to get back to some other crafts besides cardmaking.  Or perhaps the flowers will bloom - after the horrible winter we had, everything is taking it's time coming up.  Until then, enjoy my cards.

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marly said...

Miss Katie is a beauty. Glad they are all getting along. Hope you start to feel better.