Saturday, October 6, 2007

Last Week's Fabric Purchases

I've told my family to keep me away from JoAnn Fabrics, unless I need to replace something I've run out of! I spent way too much money on fabric last week. The silver lining in that is that I now have, hopefully, fabric that will work for many projects.

From Patricia's Fabric House in East Rochester:

These are all quilter's quality cottons and they feel absolutely wonderful. I didn't have any particular projects in mind, although several said "smocked little girls' dress" to me.

I was folding my stash of purple and pink fabrics at the same time I purchased these, and found this purple solid, which has enough yardage to make ruffles for a round pillow for Sarah. (She will be painting her room yellow sometime soon; her accent color is purple.) Of course, JoAnn's does not carry round pillow forms, so I will have to make one myself.

Nancy's Notions was having a clearance sale, and although I don't like buying fabrics sight unseen, in this case, the prices were so good that I took my chances. The top fabric is heavier than I expected it would be; it would be best for a jumper or skirt. The bottom fabric is a lighter weight cotton. Not sure what I'll use it for . . .

Finally, Grace and I went to JoAnn's during one of their sales. Grace was looking through the clearance fabrics, which were 50% off their "already low price" (really?), and I found these three. The brown pieces complement each other, so would be perfect for a purse (one of my favorite things to make). The other piece has a white background, not the orange you see in the picture. It's a waffle weave knit, and I thought it would be perfect for some newborn items (sleeper, etc.) Since we're to have another little niece in February, I purchased, I believe, two yards. Since it's 60" wide, that's a lot of fabric. The little red rosebuds are so pretty.

I found quite a number of decent-sized pieces of fabric in my pink/purple stash (which are now folded uniformly, labeled with the yardage, and separated from the smaller pieces. Although it takes a long time to sort and re-fold all the fabric, I'm pleased with the result, and encouraged that I have so many pieces that I can use for other than quilting or applique.

Now to stop reading blogs long enough to actually sew!

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