Friday, November 16, 2007

A Thrifty Christmas Gift

I mentioned the nightgown I plan to make for my niece, Julia, in an earlier post. What I didn't tell you was the thrill of (1) already having a pattern, and (2) finding all three of the fabrics I need (yoke, main fabric, and piping) in my stash! If I hadn't taken the time to begin organizing my leftover fabrics, and finding many large pieces, I would have gone out to the fabric store and bought fabric. The reward of my frugality is that we can spend more money on family gifts, or save the extra for an unexpected expense. (We plan to spend only $160 on the four of us in our family, or $40 each, and believe me, it doesn't go as far as it did when our girls were little!)


Daughter of the King said...

Happy Thanksgiving you and yours.

Sarah said...

Aren't you glad you spent so much time and effort organizing the fabric?
I've tagged you for the 8 things we don't know about you meme.