Thursday, November 15, 2007

What!? No Crafting?!

I haven't been doing much crafting, mostly because my fibromyalgia is flaring terribly. On Monday, I felt like I had the flu. I am more exhausted than usual. And about two weeks ago, the persistent pain which I periodically get in my upper arms and shoulders returned. The pain feels like I've gotten numerous tetanus shots (which are given in the muscle.) When I first wake up, the pain is so intense that it's nearly impossible to move my arms. If past experience holds, this pain will be with me for three to six months, maybe more, then it will probably move elsewhere in my body.

As if that weren't enough, the weather has been changeable, which also causes me to flare. I think that Monday's flu-like symptoms may have been caused by the low pressure system which is flinging itself across our area tonight. It is going to turn cold with rain and snow. On Monday, and Tuesday morning, temps were near 60 degrees F. Thursday's predicted high is something like 38 F.

Sarah and I had our usual stitching night with our friend from my church on Tuesday and I did manage to put some stitches in my niece's pinafore (Christmas gift.) I spent a lot of time unstitching and fixing a spot where I picked up three pleats instead of two. I really should try to work on this project Thursday night while watching This Old House and CSI.

The other thing I managed to do was cut out a tote bag for Sarah, which she needs to carry her Sunday School class materials in. I will have to purchase webbing for the handles, which I plan to do when I go to JoAnn's with Sarah and Grace on Thursday afternoon.

I have soaked and dried two of the fabrics I need for Julia's nightgown (Christmas gift); the fabric I want to use for piping is still running pink . . . I will pick up some ready-made piping at JoAnn's just in case I can't get it to stop. Fabric that runs seems to be my lot in life. I did finally purchase some Retayne, but have yet to try it. As I have a front-loading washer, I will have to do the "on the stovetop" method, which will be a pain, but if it saves my fabrics, it will be worth it.

I will leave you with a wonderful blinkie I found:

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Daughter of the King said...

oh Ginny...I am having such a flare lately..I am getting barely nothing done..except blogging...and then was in ER with a middle ear infection and outer ear infection....I am so tired of this...sick and tired of being sick and tired.....there is an alone-ness you feel at times during a flare....and yet I try hard to smile through it..but when I am home alone so is my my recliner, my dog, and my tears...and MY LORD ...keeping me...