Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dinner, Flowers, and Pets

The girls spent the day at my parent's house, helping by doing chores my mom can't do because of a shoulder problem. Phil and I had intended to have a quiet dinner, but since we didn't sit down to eat until 8:30, we had only 15 minutes before the girls came home. I made "Refreshing Shrimp Salad" from the current issue of Simple and Delicious. I originally thought I'd make Poppy Seed Dressing, but decided that a citrus dressing would be better, which it was. The only problem I had was that the shrimp Sarah bought was raw, so I had to cook and peel it.
We got some nice rain, so it was a good day to get out and clean up the gardens, and plant the rest of the calendula that Sarah grew for me. We discovered that my lavender died, so we pulled that up; it'll be replaced as soon as I can get to the garden center.

Does anyone know what this plant is? It's so rare to find a truly blue flower.
My Rose Campion (Sarah tells me that's the proper name for it - my mom and I always just called them Pinks.
Kelly let me take her picture today (I'm not sure why it's so grainy):
And here is our other kitty, Klaus. Klaus is a she; we adopted her from Phil's cousin. His cousin's children names her Klaus, after the cat in Treasures of the Snow.

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