Sunday, June 8, 2008

New "Baby" & More!

As of Saturday afternoon, I am a new mom! Here's a picture of my baby:I was at Sam's Club, and thought I'd check the cameras, conveniently located near the entrance. Since their website had said the camera was only available by mail order, I wasn't hopeful that they'd have it in the store, but there it was!

I made the big mistake of installing the software that came with the camera, which is why this post isn't being written until now. Not only did it take over the computer, but it took me nearly an hour to get pictures from the camera to the computer. Only then did I think to see if Picasa would recognize the camera, which it wouldn't, so I checked the help files and found out that if I uninstalled the Kodak software, Picasa would indeed recognize the camera.

Remember the decorative boxes I mentioned here? Here are some pictures of them.
The top:
One of my stops on Saturday was A.C. Moore. I wanted to get another 5" spring embroidery hoop, as I get tired of moving the same one from one WIP to another. Turns out they plan to rearrange the embroidery aisle (I asked) and a bunch of things were on clearance, including the embroidery hoops, of which I got several at 99 cents each. They also had variegated DMC floss for 17 cents, so I picked up 7 skeins, as well as the two packages of Aida cloth - one is 14 count (the seafoam green) and the other 16 count. These were $1.84 each. I've always wanted to try the green color, so this was a great find.

It's been so very hot, in the 90's. Once again, I am thankful for our central air. One more really hot day, then 87 on Tuesday. After that, the temps will return to the upper 70's and low 80's, and we'll finally be able to open the windows again.

So many things I need to do, but despite feeling better emotionally, I'm still not being very productive. Gotta work on that. Sewing, dyeing cross stitch fabric, washing the kitchen window (have to get the ladder out to do that), planting flowers, planning meals, doing laundry . . . I'd much rather curl up with Callie.


Grace said...

haha. So as this page was loading, all I saw was "New Baby!" and "I'm a new mom!!".. I got a little worried. =D anyways. Enjoy the new camera!

Hazel said...

oooh new toy! Hope to see lots of lovely stitchy pics. xx