Thursday, May 29, 2008

Camera Woes

My plan was to share some pictures with you. But the camera batteries died, and so I'll have to wait until Sarah gets them charged again.

This is only one reason I've been contemplating the pros and cons of purchasing a new camera. Phil and I have looked at the one I want at WalMart twice, reviewing the features, comparing its ability to take good closeups with others priced similarly, and getting information about the batteries. I had talked with Sarah about her taking the Fuji we currently have; at first, she was opposed, wanting to hold out for a small digital, but we discussed it again on Wednesday while we were out shopping, and she said that she'd take the Fuji after all. So now I have to make sure there's enough money in savings to cover the cost above what I am willing to take out of the money my parents gave me for Mother's Day, and then make a final decision.

You know those decorative boxes - photo, suitcase, hat - that you can get at the craft stores? I finally broke down and bought two of the suitcase ones (two different sizes) for some of my cross stitch supplies that I keep in the bedroom, where I do a lot of stitching. They have white and white stripes and roses, with gold handles. One has charts, and the other, a bunch of miscellaneous supplies. They look much nicer than the tote bag and piles I had before.

I turned Dear Friend into a pinkeep today. It came out wonderfully. I only wish it didn't take me so long - probably 4-1/2 hours. Does that seem excessive?

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Michelle said...

Oh, I hope we will get to see a picture of the finished pinkeep :) Good luck on camera shopping~