Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Quilt

This beautiful quilt was made by Phil's mom many years ago. If memory serves, she chose the pattern, not knowing it's one of my favorites (Grandmother's Fan), and she asked me about the colors. We have three quilts for our bed (you can see the winter one here), but none of them is wide enough to completely cover both sides due to the tremendously thick mattress on the bed, so I make it long on the side you see when entering the bedroom. The third quilt, which we received for a wedding present, and which I used for many years, has some tiny tears, so it's been sitting in the closet since we moved. If I had space, I'd buy a quilt rack. (If there's one thing we're not lacking for in this house, it's furniture! [No comments, Sarah and Grace.])

I have thought of purchasing some eyelet to baste to the binding on the two long sides so the quilt would be wider, but I don't know if that's a tacky idea or not. What do you think?


Tori said...

That's a very pretty quilt. It's special that you have that from Hubby's mother.

I would vote NO on the eyelet for the quilt.

BTW, you have very pretty things on your walls, very girly. :0)

Michelle said...

Tacky? No way ~ I'm sure you can finish it beautifully .. you are so lucky to have such a lovely heirloom..