Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Cozy Corner

Several weeks ago, I realized I needed to do a thorough cleaning of the master bedroom. I did about half of it, moved a couple pieces of furniture, and let it sit. That is until the cable man came last week. We now get the channels 2 - 99 in the bedroom, something I hadn't expected. I realized I'd be spending much more time there, and since my husband theorized that my constantly sitting in bed at night to work on the computer and stitch was causing at least part of the back pain I've been experiencing, I thought I should move the recliner from its unused position (in the left corner in the second picture) to its present location (see the first picture.) That meant moving my husband's armoire (not shown), sliding the TV cabinet to the center of the wall, and putting the cedar chest in the corner where the chair used to be. There are still a few things to be cleaned up, but so far I am thrilled with the new layout and am enjoying the recliner. All it needs is a slipcover, perhaps in a navy blue or solid tan, which I will have to get on sale or with a coupon (perhaps at Linens and Things).


Sarah said...

I love Callie in the second picture. :)

Emily said...

Your bedroom looks great!

Daughter of the King said...

IT does look cozy...wonderful pictures, Ginny