Sunday, January 20, 2008


This little snowman seems happy about the cold, but not so me! It is freezing cold - about 13 degrees right now with a wind chill of 1 above! The temperature will hit 32 only once this week; the remainder of the time it will be in the 20's. Brrr!!

We got cable TV this week, and I've spent way too many hours watching HGTV. We did watch Casablanca as a family the other night, and enjoyed seeing Myth Busters tonight. Finally tonight I pulled out my box of fat quarters to find fabric to make a wall hanging out of Woodland Sampling. I ended up organizing the entire box, folding everything the same size and organizing by color. After all that, I found three green fabrics that are good candidates for completing the project, and I will ask my hubby which one he thinks is best. I also auditioned some brown prints, but the green made the cross stitched piece "pop".

My specialty threads finally came today - just in time - so I can continue stitching Garden Pleasures. I was all set to start another project that called for DMC floss, but I will put that on hold.

I hope to be more productive this week; I have only two commitments, Phil's oncology appointment on Wednesday afternoon and our stitching time on Thursday evening. I have no car due to a collision with a deer last Sunday night (details are here [entry for Thursday, January 17, 2008]; scroll down to the second half of the post), so I have no excuses for not getting some projects done!

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Michelle said...

At least you have your threads so you can stay inside and stitch! Stay warm :)