Sunday, January 20, 2008

As Ye Sew, Sew Shall Ye Rip

Yup. The Ripping [Out] Queen is at it again. Every time I picked up Garden Pleasures, it looked like the center was up too high on the fabric. I should have paid attention as it sure was. But this time, I am not totally to blame: there's a bookmark pattern on the same sheet as the main design, and the marked horizontal center is for both designs, which you would never stitch on the same piece of fabric! I've looked several times, and I do not see that information anywhere on the pattern envelope. Darn. So now I'm ripping everything out and will start again. If only my brain could still allow me to think these things through before I end up in these situations.


Michelle said...

There must be something in the air~I was ripping last night too!


J-ME said...

LOL! You and Michelle are not alone. Sunday I finally sat down to do some stitching on a border, and ended up having to undo it all as I had a row off one space and obviously wouldn't connect to the rest of the border..... grrrrr.