Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally! A Productive Day!!

I pulled out my copy of Sew Pretty Homestyle today and tried again to make one of the fabric boxes. I thought I blogged about my first attempt, but I can't find the post, so quickly, the pattern called for thick high-density felt-like foam. I tried using it, but it was just too thick to make the box look nice, so after thinking about it, I decided to forego the foam and instead use craft bond for stiffness and fusible fleece in place of the foam. The box came out much better, even though I forgot to use the fusible fleece and instead just used the non-fusible variety. After that, I took apart the first box, removed the foam, and ironed craft bond to one half of the fabric only (instead of the entire piece, as I did with the previous one. I honestly prefer the second box, but each one looks nice.

I also made one of the scalloped wall pockets to hang by my chair in the bedroom. I could have done a better job with the scallops, but other than that, it looks great and was a fun project. I will try to get pictures tomorrow during the day.

One other thing I completed the other day was the finish-finish (read that term on another blog) for Woodland Sampling. I haven't decided where to hang it yet, so again, I haven't snapped a picture. I am very pleased with the finish and still love the chart. Lest I forget, my hubby helped me choose the fabric for the finish; he has a phenomenal eye for color and I rely on him a great deal in that regard. Thanks, Phil!

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Daughter of the King said...

I love those kinds of feel so good...