Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Crafting

Yesterday was a cool, drizzly, and somewhat windy day and we needed the rain. It was a good day to hole up in the craft room and finish what I started on Friday: I tried to rearrange all the stuff I have on the craft table. The table is L-shaped, the longest part of the L is where Sarah and I have our sewing machines and sergers, but I have so many things in back of my machine that it's sometimes hard to sew because things hit the various containers. While I was working, I listened to Pride and Prejudice (on cassette tape) which I had borrowed from the library; I wanted to finish the story, so a rainy day seemed perfect to do so. Here's what I created:

Miranda Day Bag
Lazy Girl Designs

Here's the inside of the bag:
This is the first Miranda bag that I made using coordinating fabrics I bought back in October.

I love this pattern! The bag is roomy enough to easily hold everything normally I carry with me (including my iPod and cross stitch project), plus my Day Timer, leaving my hands free. I can also slip in a bottle of juice or water.

Country Garden is nearly completed. I am loving the variegated thread effects, which, unfortunately, do not show up well in the photo.
Phil is recovering slowly from his surgery. It's been ten days, but he's still sore. Part of that is his fault as he hurt himself working on the lawn mower a few days after the surgery. I think he learned his lesson. He had his chemo treatment last Thursday, and is feeling its effects (he seems to be falling into a predictable pattern with the side effects; at least he knows what to expect when.) His hematocrit (a measure of red blood cells) took a big hit, so I now get to give him medication (by injection) to increase his red blood count every 14 days instead of every 28 days. This is a normal response to chemotherapy.

I'll leave you with a picture of my kitty, Callie, right before she fell asleep.


Michelle said...

Hi Ginny,
What a beautiful purse! I love the fabrics you chose. I'm looking forward to doing that Blackbird design, but I've got to finish a couple of projects first! I hope Phil is doing better~keepin' you in my thoughts and prayers. Your kitty is too sweet!


Daughter of the King said...

ginny...beautiful the blue when are you going to start selling?????
BTW...I can barely read your blog...the words are on the background paper and I really could hardly see them

Lelia said...

Beautiful Country Garden. And, your bags are wonderful. Lovely picture of your cat : )