Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Floral Needleroll

It's been a quiet sort of day, cold outside and grey, so there's no incentive to get out and do something, even though taking a walk would be a good thing to do. Instead, I worked on Floral Needleroll, which you'll recall needed a tremendous amount of frogging. I stitched the entire right side again, then started on the flowers and my initial (which goes at the bottom center.) It was only when I completed my initial that I realized I had made yet another mistake! Fortunately, there won't be a lot to frog this time. Sigh. I do enjoy my cross stitch, but am so very tired of making mistakes. Some of it is due, I'm sure, to the pain I've been in of late, some to the difficulty in seeing clearly (dark, 28 count fabric, stitched over 2,) and some to my own stupidity.

Oh well.

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Michelle said...

So sorry the frog is visiting, that was me last week.