Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cleaning, Crafting, and Chemo

There's not much crafting going on here. I haven't felt like doing much of anything since we found out at the beginning of the month that the chemo regimen that Phil has been on since April didn't work. He's been on a drug holiday since his last treatment at the end of September; we see the doctor on the 28th and will find out what he's thinking about the next line of treatment.

We discovered last weekend that we have a serious problem in our master bedroom closet: the clips that hold the Closet Maid shelving to the wall are pulling out of the wall! So much for their attached toggle "bolts." For now, we've dealt with the problem until we can find a more permanent solution, but this got me started on taking a hard look at my clothes collection (I think that's the proper word) and weeding out things. I haven't finished, but I've already moved on to the craft room, which I could hardly walk in because of everything I threw in there when we had company a couple of weeks ago! I've made progress, taking piles of patterns back to the basement where I store them, as well as properly folding and storing fabric remnants. I've also gone through my file cabinet, tossing most of what was in there; old papers, saving the ones that are blank on one side for scrap, and recycling the rest, and now I'm going through old magazines, tearing out useful ideas. Phil jokingly said that the garbage people are going to charge us extra for all the recycling we'll have this week!

Anyone wanna come and help?

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staci said...

I'm so sorry about your Hubby. Praying that the Dr comes up with a great gameplan...{{hugs}}