Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Outdoor Happenings

When the remains of Hurricane Ike blew through here last month, the small tree in front of our house blew down. As it turns out, the tree had been eaten by a beetle (or so we surmise), and at the point where it broke, there was not much holding it together. We wanted another tree, so after some initial research, Phil and I stopped at several places that sell trees after one of his chemo appointments. We eventually settled on a Kwanzan Cherry, which was delivered last week. Bless his heart, despite his fatigue and lack of stamina, Phil dug the hole for it, and Monday we got it planted.
Grace got the front porch decorated for fall. Didn't she do a nice job?

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Vonna said...

You have a beautiful home! An all American Colonial...I truly love them!