Friday, April 24, 2009

On A Roll - Maybe

As I mentioned in my last post, I had to frog all but the inner circle of flowers and vines from my anniversary cross stitch project. After working hard for the past two nights, I've made good progress restitching - correctly this time - what I ripped out. This time, I'm continually checking to make sure everything lines up correctly.

I'm still not happy with the "25". In the pictures on the chart, it looks like there's a lot more empty space in the center, so I am a bit confused. I think I'll work with graph paper some more to see if I can get the numbers to look nicer. It would appear that exactly centering them does not make for the most pleasing appearance.

Sampler for Weddings and Anniversaries
Patricia Ann Designs

1 comment:

Lula said...

Ginny I think it looks lovely. If yu are set on trying a different position for it why not try placing them on a sort of angle so the 2 is higher than the 5?

I'm not explaining that very well.