Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring's Beauty

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, don't you agree?  Within a week, the trees had leaves, and the grass greened up and needed mowing.  I was able to snap some pictures late last week.  Good thing, too, as we had a terrible wind storm on Saturday, complete with torrential rain.  Judging by what I could see from the window, I think the tulips are no more.
Miniature Iris

We planted a cherry tree in the front yard last fall.  It replaces a tree that the builder planted which became infested with an insect and literally fell over during another wind storm.  I'm excited to see that it has blossoms and these lovely flowers!

This is Candytuft.  It's gotten a bit unmanageable . . .  Sarah is going to help me prune it.

We have way too many volunteer violets (I think that's what they are.)  All summer I'm pulling them out of the gardens.  These by this rock in my front garden are well placed, though.

I'm fairly certain this is a weed.  The flowers are so pretty!


Lula said...

Lovely pics Ginny. I'm not certain on the tiny screen of my notebook computer but I think the yellow flowers in the last pick might be buttercups? If so technically they are a weed often growing through the grass like daisies but there is a trick they can do. Pick one and hold the flower under someones chin. If it casts a yellow glow on them then they are said to like butter!!! Who knows but its fun for the kids....

Michelle said...

Pretty, pretty flowers. Weeds can even bring color to the garden. My husband loves our clover that flowers ~ it drives me crazy because it's everywhere!

Thanks for sharing,