Thursday, May 7, 2009

Anniversary Cross Stitch

I've worked more on my anniversary cross stitch. (Last progress pic is here.) You can see that most of the outer border is finished now, and I have completed all the stitching with the silver metallic thread right inside that border. I did end up frogging - again. I simply get lazy and forget to check for correct placement of stitches as frequently as I should.

Once I finish the outer border, I have to go back and put in all the flowers. Then I need to chart the words that go around the outside and get them stitched. Oh yes, and figure out what to do with that "25".

Meanwhile, I've taken everything off the walls in our dining area and put up an entire roll of painter's tape in preparation for finally painting in there! I'm going to have to use a brush to do the job, as there just isn't enough open space to make using a roller feasible. I really want to get this done before our anniversary party on the 25th.

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staci said...

This is a really lovely piece! What a wonderful way to commemorate your special day!