Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sampler & Gift

I've put in more time on the wedding sampler, but I don't have a picture for you, and I'm too tired to take one now.  It's been a busy three weeks, and a long three days.  (You can read about some of it on my husband's Caring Bridge site.)

I also started a gift for our hostess on Thanksgiving Day.  I'm making good progress.  Since it's a gift, I will wait until after next Thursday (assuming I finish it!) to share.

Next to nothing has been done about Christmas here, except for baking a few cookies.  It's time to let my fingers do the walking - on the Internet.  I will probably order most of the gifts for our family.  Guess I ought to get moving on that!

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Michelle said...


I will keep your family in my prayers.. the medical system can be so frustrating and you have to stand your ground.. hang in there..