Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Apartment

Even though it's just a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom, we call the new basement space Grace & Anthony's apartment.  The workers finished up around 2:00 pm on New Year's Eve, and the two lovebirds raced downstairs to begin cleaning since Anthony was spending the night.  (We have a "pig out" every New Year's Eve, cooking more food than we can eat in a week, and watching movies.  Grace didn't want to take Anthony home in the wee hours of New Year's day, so he stayed here.)

The picture below shows the sitting area on the right, with the bathroom door in the corner.  The TV is located in the left corner.  On the left side is part of the bedroom.

This is the built-in DVD rack in the sitting area.  Our contractor had the idea to take a free-standing rack and insert it in the wall.  The nice thing is that it's flush with the 2 x 4s on the outside, and sticks out only a couple of inches into the room.

Here are the front door and the closet.  The door opens into the sitting area.

This is the opposite end of the bedroom.

I still have to touch up the dark colored paint and paint the doors and moulding around them.  Grace has put up the towel bars and toilet paper holder in the bathroom, and some DVDs, videos, and knick knacks are in the DVD rack.  We purchased a new couch for Grace and Anthony since the one they were going to use, we discovered, was full of dust and falling apart.  Anthony's TV is already set up as well.  Some curtains are needed, which we will make as soon as we can get out and find fabric, but those can wait since Grace put up the blind in the bedroom, and a temporary valence in the bathroom.  I guess as soon as I finish the painting, Grace will move down there, giving her sister sole use of the bathroom upstairs.  (Which she's been looking forward to!)

While I'm glad the construction is finished, it means Grace and Anthony will be down there on the evenings they are at the house more than they are upstairs with us, and we will miss their companionship.  Or at least I will.

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