Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Flowers

The temperatures are erratic here, but the flowers and trees are budding and bursting out in all their glory.  The flowering pear in this picture is between our house and our neighbor's. 

Here are some of the other beautiful flowers in our gardens:

I snapped these pictures of Kelly yesterday afternoon.  She had a difficult time standing still; she was having a wonderful time, enjoying my husband's company and playing.  She wore herself out, and laid on the floor most of the evening.

I'm heading off to the orthopedist's office this afternoon to get my knee shot full of Synvisc again, so I'll be off my feet for a few days.  My plan is to work on wedding flowers, since I think I've finally gotten some decent floral tape.  (But that's a story for another post.)


annelize said...

Oooh! How nice to see blue skies, sunshine and flowers. I can imagine how fresh and good it all smells. We've got a cold wind in the UK but at least the flowers are out at long last. You just need a scarf and gloves to get out and enjoy them!

annwaldron said...

I just found your nice..
I go to Open Door.... I don't think that we have ever met...our church is so big....I was in the accident with the Hannah's....your husband Phil is on my prayer list..praying for you too...have enjoyed hearing your daughter Sarah sing and play the piano.. I did not know who she was so I checked the church directory.... exciting for all of you with her upcoming wedding...I see you and I like crossstitch and rubber stamping...I hope to meet you at church...may the Lord be your strength and song...
Love in Christ,
Ann :)