Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Craziness

Edited to add:  the picture to the left is one I snagged from Image Shack.  Our flowers are all silk, except for Grace's bouquet, which will be made the morning of the wedding.

39 days until Grace and Anthony's wedding.  Time to panic just a little bit!  There is still so much to do, but then, I work best under pressure, so I have no doubt that, somehow, everything will get done.

As I wrote in my previous post, I had my knee injected last Thursday.  I was completely unprepared for the pain of the injection since the one I had in October hardly hurt at all.  It was good I had both Grace and Anthony with me, giving me four fingers to squeeze, two with each hand.  I tried my best to give the orthopedist more business by breaking their fingers, but I didn't quite make it.  Never let it be said that I don't think of others.  *grin*

I spent the weekend sitting on the couch, ice on my knee, and working with flowers for the wedding.  I have had a terrible time getting decent floral tape - it's either too sticky or dried out - and my progress has been slowed since I spend so much time fighting the tape.  Myriads of silk hydrangea blossoms have been wired, then inserted into large styrofoam balls by Grace; these will serve as pew markers.  The boutonnieres are finished; I had to re-wrap the stems with brown floral tape, which will match the girls' dresses.  I also worked on my wrist corsage, which proved to be as troublesome as the tape!  Hopefully, I will be more alert tomorrow, and can figure out how to attach it to the holder, since I didn't think that through carefully.  I also have to make Anthony's mom's wrist corsage.

This afternoon, I machine embroidered samples of "A" and "G" in several different fonts so Grace can decide which ones she wants on the ring pillow.  We haven't made a final decision about how the pillow will go together, and whether the letters will go on the pintucked pillow, or on ribbons.  I also put together one part of Grace's gift for Saturday's shower.  I will try to remember to take a picture so I can share it with you.

Still left to do:

~ Finish the jewelry for the bridesmaids - three more necklaces and three bracelets;
~ Alterations to Sarah's dress;
~ Figure out how to attach the decorative button to the jacket of my dress.  I am thinking of sewing on a jumbo snap, then attaching the button over the top.  That way, should I ever change my mind about the button, it is easily removed;
~ Decorate the handles of the cake cutting set.

I think there are a lot more little details to tend to, but I don't have my planning book in front of me, which is probably a good thing, since I might be more panicked if I did!

THANK YOU for your kind comments!  I know I haven't posted nearly as often as I would like to, partly because the only project I've consistently worked on for so long is the wedding sampler.  Alas, that has been put aside for now, so you are spared further updates for now!

ANN, I recognized your name as soon as I read it!  I do hope we will be able to meet at church one of these days.  We attend only Sunday evening service because of our health problems, and we sit just in front of the sound booth.  We appreciate your prayers, and those of many around the world who have been keeping Phil in prayer since his fight with cancer started in mid-December, 2005.  [His Caring Bridge site can be viewed here.]  BTW, it is Grace who sings and plays piano; our other daughter, Sarah, attends Josh Ancello's church, Pinnacle Road Baptist.

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annwaldron said...

I'll be praying for you as you finish up all the things for Grace's upcoming wedding....
Sorry I got the girls names mixed up. We know Josh & Michele.
Josh went to Bible study with our daughter Leah at Browncroft and was instrumental in introducing Mike Stanley (my now son-in-law)
and Leah together. Leah & Mike go to Open Door too.
The flowers look beautiful....
I can't drive it will be a few weeks and I will be back on Sunday evenings..I can't wait to walk on both feet...
Keeping you in prayer.
Ann :)