Monday, November 29, 2010

A Finished Finish

My first stitching finish of 2010 was Christmas Lace by Ink Circles, which was found in the December 2007 issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine.  I finally turned it into an ornament on Friday using Vonna's excellent tutorial. I can't wait to hang it on our tree, whenever we get it put up.

I apologize for the less than stellar picture; I took it at night against the back of a yellow legal pad that I propped up on my laptop. 


Vonna said...

Very nicely done :) Pretty Colors!

Heidi said...

Very pretty finish Ginny! I read back through all your craft room entries and cannot wait to see your finished room. Murphy needs to go live somewhere like the South Pole so he is out of our lives, right?

I think you will like having brown carpet. I just had laminate put in my studio which makes it easy to clean. I am not allowed to have carpeting with my allergy.

Did you get all the organizing done to your satisfaction? I am going to start on mine again now that my mother is on her way home again. I did not want to take that time while she was here. Did you find yourself thinking you have let yourself get out of control with all your stash as I did? I am promising myself to still enjoy my hobbies but trim my stash by more stash dieting so it is something I can oversee better.

Thanks for being a great friend while we were moving and always stopping in with a sweet comment. I hope you are also keeping yourself well as I too am trying to do. It is never easy to find a balance of what our minds want and what our bodies can handle.

Hugs from Holland ~