Friday, November 5, 2010

Painting Our Craft Room, Part Seven

Our new carpeting was finally installed on Wednesday afternoon.  We I was frustrated when the installers showed up two hours late with no call, but I'm thankful that it was an afternoon appointment and that Phil hadn't gotten up early.  (He is increasingly more tired, poor guy.  The link to his Caring Bridge site is on the left under "Favorite Web Sites".)  Sarah and I worked until the wee hours Thursday morning to organize my new desk and set up her sewing area, as well as put the books back on the bookshelf.  I had planned to move the smaller bookcase that houses our cookbooks back in on Thursday afternoon, but it was one of those days that nothing got accomplished.  I am hoping that we can figure out how to use our saws to cut the countertop so we can get that back in place and begin to put the rest of the room back together.

Does anyone have ideas for scrapbook paper/cardstock storage?  We have a LOT of paper, and Sarah isn't happy with our storage, which is a homemade version of this unit sold by Amazon:
I heard Blogger was having issues inserting images, 
and I guess it's true.  Go to and search 
for "2-Tier Paper Storage Cube System with Casters 
and Dust Cover"
When I say a LOT, I mean precisely that.  Our unit is stuffed.  I also think it's higher than this one, probably 48"?

I'll try to be back soon with some pictures.

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