Monday, August 1, 2011

Make Do and Mend Mondays

It's Monday, and time for another Make Do and Mend Mondays post.

Have you ever purchased one of these over the sink shelves? 

(This one is from Collections, Etc., and would look nice in my bathroom.)  Unfortunately, if you use the water from your bathroom sink, the unit probably won't last long.  Quite a few years ago I had one of these, and it started rotting because of all the water that got under and around it, so rather than discarding it, I had my husband cut off the shelf, which I discarded, along with one of the boxes.  I was left with

which I covered with clear contact paper.  It now holds dental floss and barrettes.  So for a few pennies' worth of contact paper, I have a cute little box that is functional.  Maybe all that water wasn't a bad thing? 


Susan in SC said...

Very nice! I have a plain shelf over my sink. I think I need to spray paint it!

Heidi said...

Love it! Nice that something that no longer was in good shape could be changed and used once again. It is great to have things close to hand but cleaned up in the bathroom.

Hugs from Holland ~

LeeAnn from NC said...

Really cute, Ginny ! Contact paper is an awesome thing, isn't it ? Esp. the clear !