Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I had hoped to have several blog posts written, ready to go, but God had other plans.

First, my husband is having a difficult time recovering from his surgery.  He has four wounds, the worst of which is the skin graft donor site.  He is supposed to have the various stitches and staples removed on Thursday.  That is, I suppose, if he's over what appears to be a stomach bug, which assaulted him earlier this evening.

What is really holding me back is a difficulty typing.  On Saturday night, I was cleaning up after making a few things in my food processor, and instead of blowing the few remaining bread crumbs off my food processor blade, as my brain told me to do, I used my left hand.  Oops.  I now have four stitches in my left index finger and three in the left middle finger.  I'm not allowed to do anything which keeps my hand in water for any length of time, such as dishwashing, and Phil can't get his right arm wet, so the three young people are pitching in.  I did my best to cook on Monday, but it was painful and very slow, so I've arranged for meals to be brought in on my next two cooking days.  My stitches come out next Tuesday.

The only craft I can do is a bit of cross stitch, although I have to stop frequently and allow my fingers to rest and stop hurting.  I am thankful, though, that all my fingers are intact, that it's the left hand (I'm right-handed), and that my thumb wasn't affected.  Typing is difficult, as you might imagine, so for now, my blogging break will continue.  I expect the fingers will remain tender for a while, especially the index finger, where the laceration goes up onto the fingertip.  Meanwhile, I'll try to compose some blog posts in my head. 

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Heidi said...

OH NO! Please be very careful and allow time to heal. Maybe time for some good books to be read instead? Know that I am thinking of you and praying that both you and your husband are feeling better very soon!

Hugs from Holland ~