Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Harvest

The wind is howling outside, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  We are five hours west of New York City, where she is wreaking havoc with strong winds (stronger than here) and storm surges that are flooding many parts of the city.  Up and down the east coast of the United States, Sandy has made her presence known.  My heart goes out to those of you affected by this huge and powerful storm.

Our thoughts at the Ingram household have turned to my husband's expected hospitalization sometime next week as he undergoes what will be a second stem cell transplant for him (his first was in June, 2006).  I have individual portions of several main dishes in the freezer, but still have baking to do so I will have some treats to take to the hospital with me every day.  I learned the first time around that there will be times I'll need some comfort food, not to mention that I have quite a sweet tooth!  It's much more economical to make my own granola bars and cookies than to go to the hospital cafeteria to buy food.  If the granola bars are good - and the blogger who shared the recipe says they are delicious - I will share the recipe!

I am finally working on some cross stitch again.  My arm still bothers me some, but with frequent breaks and avoiding stitching for too long at one time, I have been able to finish a few projects.  I can't share everything with you because I'm working on Christmas ornaments for family, but that's what happens this time of the year!

One project I finished is Autumn Harvest by JBW Designs.

As usual, I can't find the chart, so I am unable to tell you exactly which threads I used, but it was a combination of the specialty threads mentioned.  (The chart listed at least three different color combinations.)

I did a new-to-me finish for this one:  I found a wooden tray at A. C. Moore for less than $3.00, and painted it with black acrylic paint.  I then mounted the stitching on a piece of foam core that I padded with cotton batting.  I glued the trim around the outside, tucking the ends down beside the piece.  I am thrilled with how it came out!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

A beautiful finish! I love it :)
And I am writing your husband in my prayer journal so that I will remember to pray for him.

annelize said...

The hurricane is the top news story, here in the UK. It is 7pm as I type this and I am watching our BBC News channel's reports. The pictures on tv and websites are horrendous. I have never been to America so I can't imagine the scale of the impact on New York, Atlantic City etc. We are praying for the safety of everyone caught up in it.


p.s. I love the Autumn Harvest pciture. The colours are so pretty.

marly said...

Perfect fit! Great idea and finish.

Heidi's Garden said...

You did a beautiful job on your tray Ginny! Congratulations.

I am praying that all goes well with your husband's treatment. Take good care of yourselves!

I did post the recipe for the pumpkin gingerbread on my BookshelvesAndStoveTops blog.

Hugs from Holland ~