Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Way back in August, I made myself a new purse.  (I am supposed to make one for Sarah, too.)  Her name is Candice, and she is a Lazy Girl design

While sewing the pockets, you can customize one to fit an e-Reader, iPad, or other tablet.  My pocket holds my Kindle in the pouch I made for it.

You can see there are lots of pockets, something I love about Lazy Girl patterns.

This purse has a zipper at the top, which is why I chose to use it when Phil was in the hospital.  It provided an extra measure of security for when I walked back and forth from the parking garage to the cancer center every day.

Overall, I found the pattern easy to follow.  The only tip I have is to label your pieces as you cut them out; I became confused when it came time to sew and it took me quite a while to figure out which piece was what.

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