Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I haven't felt like working on my cross stitch, but instead have done a lot of crocheting.  I had a lot of Sugar 'n Cream yarn sitting around, some full skeins, some leftovers, and we had a need for new dishcloths.

I learned about the Foundationless Chain technique earlier this year, and I am hooked on it (no pun intended).  There is an excellent tutorial here and other instructions here.  The one thing I have never have enjoyed about crocheting is the chain row, and then the very first row of the pattern.  With this technique, I have a much more even foundation row with much less frustration.

These dishcloths are done in half-double crochet, and are 34 stitches across by as many rows as needed to make a square.  I crocheted in the back loops only, giving them a bit of texture.  Although you can't see it in the pictures, I then crocheted two rows of single crochet around all four sides.  It takes me a couple of hours while watching TV to make one.

I did use all the full skeins I had, and am now mixing and matching (the best I can) the leftovers I have.  These dishcloths are plenty thick and work much better than the ones I've previously made from fancy patterns. 


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

My MIL will only use these handmade dishcloths....I like them too and yours are particularly pretty!

Heidi's Garden said...

Aren't making dishclothes fun? I used up leftover cotton yarn once until there was nothing left. Mix and match can make some fun combos. Love yours so far.

Hugs from Holland ~