Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Is gardening a craft? It's more of a hobby, but then, crafting is a hobby, too, so I can post about my gardening, right?

Grace thought a garden around our mailbox would be nice. After all, a lot of our neighbors have done the same thing . . . so quite a few weeks ago, Phil and I dug up the area. Mind you, with the drought here and our infamous clay soil, that wasn't an easy job. Once it was done, Grace said she wanted it bigger . . . so I went back out and dug some more. Finally, we purchased the extra topsoil needed to fill it in (after taking out the millions, or so it seemed, of rocks left over from the driveway and road; we live in a new subdivision, and I think they filled everything in with rock) and several bags of red cedar mulch (my favorite.) Lowe's had some fall plants on sale, so Grace chose two mums and an aster, which I finally planted tonight. This is the start of our garden! To the right of the mailbox, we'll put some lavender (which we'll get when we divide the huge plant in another garden.) Grace would also like some Rose Campion, ( of which I have plenty of volunteers (i.e., it spreads.) She's not sure what else she wants there; I've no doubt she'll come up with other ideas.

Here are a couple of other pictures of our front gardens:

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