Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Time . . .

We are having wonderful weather for late September - 70's and 80's - so I took some time to sit outside on the swing and review some of my smocking patterns and even do some smocking on a gift (I can't say what it is or for whom as the intended recipient might read my blog . . . ) Phil, my dh, came out and sat with me for a bit, something we don't do often.

My great eBay find: a copy of A~Z of Bullions for $5.99 + shipping! I've always been afraid of bullions, but tried them again recently and am confident enough to actually try including some in my smocking projects.

And in today's email, a sale notice for the place to go in nearby East Rochester (Patricia's) for fabric. They're having a fabric reduction sale and there are some great prices, so since I was planning to head that way tomorrow on our way to Build-a-Bear, we will stop. I also have a coupon for 15% off patterns, so I'll check out their heirloom patterns while I'm there. Whoo hoo!!

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