Monday, November 17, 2008

New Scissor Fob

Remember the scissors I showed you in the last post? I finally pulled out my jewelry making supplies and made a fob for them. The small beads are all 4 mm. Swarovskis. The larger beads on the end are from a collection of pastel glass beads I bought at JoAnn's some time ago.


kimstitch3 said...

HOw beautiful. I have bought lots of beads and charms to make some, but my problem has been the wiring or string. I bought this wire that is used for jewelery but dont know how the world people make things with it, it is sooo stiff. Ihad to use wire cutters to cut it and I made a fob, but it is hard to love It is hard and not very easilly bended. I hope I'm making sense But yours look lovely

monique said...

Very pretty! I tagged you on my blog today :)