Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008 Memories, Part Two

Remember the storm I posted about here? Several days later, we had another one! The cold and snow we had was so unusual for December. This storm was followed by high winds, which caused drifting across our driveway. Between this storm and the last one, we were plowed out four times, plus we had to shovel.
This is the house across the street.
Our driveway. Again.
After all this, it rained on Christmas Eve, and most of the snow melted, although we had enough left to qualify us for a white Christmas. On the 27th, the temperature soared to over 60 degrees, melting what remained of the snow, and resulting in a terribly soggy lawn. We were actually able to finish some outdoor shores that didn't get done in the fall! Within 24 hours, however, temps will fall some 30 degrees. Such crazy weather.

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