Monday, June 8, 2009

25th Anniversary Celebration

I realized tonight that I never shared any of the pictures from our 25th anniversary celebration! We hosted a picnic on Memorial Day for our immediate families, which included our parents, and Phil's siblings and their families.  My brothers live out-of-state and were unable to attend.
  Anthony & Grace gave us this lovely rose.

  Phil waits for the festivities to start.

  Kelly thinks people are coming to see her . . .

  Phil's parents, Paul & Mary Jane Ingram 

  My parents, Jack & Kathy Uebel
  Our daughter, Sarah

Our daughter, Grace, and her dog, Kelly

Grace and her boyfriend, Anthony.  
Another reason we hosted the picnic was 
to introduce Anthony to our families.

Phil & me

We enjoy our cake.

Phil's parents gave us a money "tree" 
made of roses and baby's breath.

The day was lovely, sunshine and temps around 70.  It got chilly when the sun headed around to the front of the house, so I donned the shawl Sarah made me.

The following evening, which was our actual anniversary, Phil took me to dinner at Carrabbas.  We enjoyed our delectable food, and reveled in each other's company.  For dessert, we shared crème brûlée, a first for both of us.  All I can say is mmm, delicious!

We were asked several times whether it seemed that we have been married for 25 years.  In some ways yes, but in most, no.  I realized I have been married for longer than I was single, yet I wonder how my years of wedlock have flown by, while the 23 I wasn't plodded along.  What I do know for certain is that I am happier and more in love now than the day I married.  I love the multi-faceted depth of our relationship, the contented companionship we share, and the God-created unity of our spirits.  I am indeed blessed.

(Some of the pictures in this post were taken by me, but most were snapped by Anthony.)

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