Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As any avid cross stitcher can tell you, proper lighting is essential to creating a beautiful work of art.  With the phasing out of incandescent bulbs in the United States, and the subsequent shift to CFL's (compact flourescent bulbs), illumination of our work has become more frustrating.  I simply cannot see well when working under a CFL; they don't emit enough light for me, even when using one comparable to the incandescent bulbs I'm used to.  Some time ago, I read that Ott Light had come out with bulbs that fit in a standard socket, so I purchased this   
to go in my floor lamp in the living room.  The very top of it is above the shade, but hopefully no one will notice.  What is most important is that I can see to do my stitching while watching TV.  Hooray!

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annelize said...

I could do with one of these. In the UK we are also forced to use the ghastly new light bulbs and they're no good for stitching by (or for plucking my eyebrows!). Roll on summer, too, for some REAL light. It's been too gloomy too long.
Happy stitching!