Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ring Attendant's Pillow

Traditionally, the ring bearer at a wedding is a young lad.  But in a departure from tradition - something Grace and Anthony like to do - they asked his niece, Alexis, to carry the ring pillow for them.  Grace chose a beautiful gown for her, reminiscent of her own bridal gown.  Unfortunately, I cannot find a picture of the dress; perhaps I'm not remembering it properly.  In any case, Alexis will look like a princess in her lovely gown.

I finally finished the ring pillow (which will not have the actual wedding rings affixed to it), and just tonight, managed to snap some pictures of it.  The final design is a result of looking at many ready-made pillows, a bit of my imagination, and much of Grace's.  It is a lovely pillow, and will make a wonderful keepsake. 
Grace found the pin in the jewelry section at JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts.
For the initials, Grace and Anthony found a font they liked, and my embroidery software (3-D Embroidery for my Viking Rose) digitized it.  I've not used that feature often, but I'm pleased with the result.

We are now one week away from the wedding.  I am still working on a few small projects, but hope to finish those up soon.  On Sunday night during Lost, I plan to do some hand sewing, a task I despise.  Then it's on to packing boxes to take to the church, and labeling 30 bottles of ginger ale, and 16 gallons of fruit punch with "DO NOT USE" signs, since they will be put into the church 'frig on Thursday.  There won't be a dull moment between now and Saturday night, that's for sure!


annelize said...

It's lovely. The embroidered initials worked very well.

Good luck with all your tasks in the week ahead.

Thai LOI said...
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