Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Gardens and More

A.W.O.L.  That's how I feel.  From Sunday the 4th through the following Saturday, I was very sick with a terrible stomach bug.  I'll spare you the details, but if I tell you I lost six pounds, you'll have some idea how bad it was.  Since I left my bed, I've been weak and lacking in energy, but just today, I finally felt good enough to get outside in the beautiful sunshine and warmth and do some gardening. 

I planted some zinnias this year in my front garden.  I love these flowers! 

While Phil and I were outside, a bunch of small, black birds started swirling around in the sky.  A number of them landed on the nearby cell tower.  Can you see them, lined up on the top?  In the second photo, you can see some flying.
The trees in our backyard aren't very colorful in the fall.  Here you can barely see a bit of color that signifies autumn is here:

As I was heading back inside, I glanced down at the edge of the garage door track and spotted this very effective spider web.  (If bugs trapped in webs bother you, scroll quickly!)

This picture of Callie came out over-exposed and I did quite a bit of tweaking to get it acceptable, but she was awake, which is unusual for her, so that's why I'm sharing it.
I will be back soon with more pictures from our Amish country vacation, as well as some crocheting projects I've been working on.

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