Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation Part 3 - Covered Bridges

According to Wikipedia, there are 29 covered bridges in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  We went over three, two of which I have pictures of.

See the little monkey under the bridge?  That's Claude.  He accompanied us on vacation, and enjoyed trying all kinds of new things, including sitting in a covered bridge!
I loved this stone building!

Heidi, we did go into the Old Country Store, the shop with the quilt in the window.  It is horribly overpriced, but has a wonderful selection of quilts (priced in the 100's of dollars) and an extensive fabric selection.  It seems that almost every shop has something quilted, whether it's full-sized quilts, throw pillows, or even potholders.  Someday, I would love to own an Amish quilt.  (I am a lousy quilter or I'd make one for myself.)

We have also been to Ohio Amish country, although I don't remember how long ago.  It is not as commercial as Pennsylvania.  I do recall the place we stayed - an old cabin.  We had thunderstorms every night, and the electricity would go out briefly.  It's not the worst place we've stayed, but it came close!  We always cook as much of our own food as is possible to save money, so sometimes it is difficult to find places to stay that have kitchen facilities and are still affordable.

BTW, and this is totally off topic, I was shocked to discover tonight that regular yogurt can have a lot of cholesterol in it!  I recently learned that my bad cholesterol is too high, so I am more conscious of the fat in what I eat.  Greek yogurt, on the other hand, seems to be cholesterol free.  We're going to look around and see where we can get it for the best price.  We mostly use yogurt in smoothies, but I suspect there are other recipes I can sneak it into.

Happy crafting - and eating!

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