Sunday, October 10, 2010

Painting Our Craft Room

Our craft room is probably 10' x 10' or something like that.  It is stuffed full of books, sewing machines, crafting supplies, and my computer desk.  For that reason, and the fact I couldn't decide on a color, it has remained unpainted for the 5.75 years we've been in our house.  But the time has come to take the plunge.  The paint is purchased - a lovely light sage green - and we started clearing out the room.  Here's what we took out -

These pictures are of one side of our great room.  In the last picture, you can see we had to put some things in front of the coffee table, and to the right of the couch.  To put this in perspective, here's what we cleaned out:
 Yup - two small pathways.  And here's some of what is left in the room:
 I wasn't kidding when I said the room is stuffed!

Most of the painter's tape is up (still have to do the baseboards), and nearly all of the holes on the two walls we'll paint first have been spackled and sanded.  My plan is to sand the rest of the spots, then prime them, and hopefully start painting.  Since I'm writing this in the wee hours of Saturday morning, it remains to be seen whether my plan worked for Saturday, or had to be put off until Monday.

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annelize said...

Don't put a thick coat of paint on the walls - you can't afford to lose any space in there!

Wouldn't it be fun to be able to secretly nose round our friends' craft rooms - obviously without messing them up, or 'borrowing' anything - because our craft spaces/stash are so individual. Most of my stuff is under the spare bed. You'd get very dusty if you rummaged!

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result of your decorating.