Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Biscornu Progress

At last - side one of my first biscornu is stitched! I think I frogged every corner of the inner design, as is typical for me! I actually like it better after the frogging, as I was able to control the color variations more. I started the second side, putting in about 15 stitches. Wonder how long it will take me to finish it??

Thanks for the well wishes; I am feeling so much better! In fact, over the next several days, I will be painting Phil's office, a job that will be more difficult because of high temperatures and humidity. I will turn the air conditioning to a lower temperature, but I'm sure to hear complaints by anyone who is on the first floor as it will probably get cold down there! I am certain the end result will be wonderful.


AngelSan said...

Glad you are feeling better !

It's a great biscornu design, I love biscornus, I should make some more often... maybe for Christmas?

Keep stitching ! It's lovely !

Tanya said...

That is so pretty!

I must tell you - yours was the last blog I read the other night and I dreamed about lamps!!! No joke. I guess those new lamps of your struck a chord with me. LOL